5 Spanish photographers you can’t miss

With this title I am creating great expectations right?

Before starting this post I will warn the readers that this is not a text to talk about Eugenio Recuenco, Chema Madoz, Ouka Lele or Cristina Garcia Rodero. All of them are worldwide known and their work speaks for itself. I’ll talk about people less known but with whom I had the pleasure of working with.
After four years working as an artistic model, here are my 5 Spanish photographers that you can not miss:

Any model or aspiring model have heard of his name. Moreover, it’s possible that if you start to ask people, it turns out that he has photographed at least two of your friends on Facebook. Polymerboy is everywhere!. Recently known for creating numerous calendars, fanzines, dirty packs of panties and stickers with pictures of pussies.
He was one of the first photographers I worked with, there with my eighteen years old, and I have the honor to say that I have more than two hundred photos taken by him (not counting polaroids or analogic ones). Each and every one of them are gorgeous .

Polymerboy Amarna.Miller-1

Polymerboy Amarna.Miller-2

2.Jaure Mur
Here is the person who introduced me to the art of photography when I was just a simple fine art student who did not want to hear about what was a camera. He is also the first photographer with who I worked as a model, and he has teach me more about art than my university career.
Together we create a fantasy world full of painted gold walls and filled with naked bodies. A corner for an overactive imagination where our favorite poems come alive and pictures that inspired us took on human form .
Eventual photographer in Mondo Disko club, for which he has made ​​some flyers in which I appear.



I knew about Eccehomo a few years ago through his book “Skinflowers ” and I went absolutely crazy for their obscurantist scenarios and the use of wide angle lenses. I found his website and I became addicted to each one of his photographs, until one day through a known model page I received a message from him.
We made a first photo shoot, and then another and another one. Since then we have not stopped! In fact, the day before yesterday we did another one, although I’m sure it was not the last!

Eccehomo Amarna.Miller-1

Eccehomo Amarna.Miller-2

4.Sandra Torralba
I was following her steps (As a recommendation of Jaure Mur, in fact) since a long time ago, but for a while we never coincide in the same city. She was in London, I was in Madrid. Then she was in Madrid, but I was in America.
Until finally we could work together for the photo serie that I like the most in all her artistic career: ” Estranged sex”. In the first picture I was a pornstar dressed like red riding hood, and a few weeks ago I was part of a marry party. I love this girl!

Sandra .Torralba_Amarna.Miller_-1

Sandra .Torralba_Amarna.Miller-1

5.Zor Neurobashing
It’s amazing how he has develop his photography skills in a few years, from taking pictures of malignant cockatoos on the Australian jungle, to become an expert in photographing myself naked in every corner of the planet. To him you owe all my “nalgaisajes“, travel photos and most of the porn videos that you can find through this website .
Moreover, it was he who taught me the latest techniques that I had to learn to make good pictures. Do not lose sight of him!


Zor Amarna.Miller-1

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